Resources for Families

Things You Can Do at Home to Raise Readers

Read to your child every day!

Try to make it your special time with your child, whether it is before a nap or before bedtime. Let y our child choose the story!

Be a good role model!

Make it a point to let your child "catch" you reading. This is the best way to show them that reading is important and that you enjoy it too!

Take a trip!

Children learn from what they see around them. Take them to a nearby park, community center, or just even out for a walk. Get in contact with your local church or borough office to find out if trips are planned that your family may want to go on.

Keep reading materials around the house!

Building a home library is a great way to do this. Fill it with your child’s favorite books and this way they will always have something to read.

Visit your library!

Local libraries have many activities for young children, including story time. Ask the librarian for suggested readings your child may enjoy. Don’t forget to ask for a library card!

Talk with your child!

As you play, shop or work around house listen to what your child is saying and ask questions. Believe it or not, you are helping your child learn to use words.

Encourage your child to read everything!

Read aloud the things you see during the day together such as, street signs and signs in store windows. At the breakfast table, have your child read the milk carton and cereal box!

Again, again and again!

Try not to get discouraged or frustrated when your child constantly insists on reading the same book. Learning depends on repetition so give in to the favorites! Tongue twisters, rhymes, and riddles! Read books to your child that play with< language. These books help children learn letter sounds and they are easier to remember, too!

Read using special effects!

When reading aloud, have lots of enthusiasm to make the story exciting! Give each character a special voice and use sound effects when appropriate.

Read, Read, Read!

For high quality books to read to your child visit the Pottstown Public Library at 500 High Street or can contact the library at 610-970-6551.