Resources for Families

Activity: Adventure Walk


Materials: Playground Equipment

1. Tell your child you are taking him/her on an adventure walk.
2. First, they must climb a tall mountain. (Climb up the slide and slide down).
3. Next, we must cross a river. (Jump across the sidewalk).
4. Now we must go over a narrow bridge (Walk one foot in front of the other around the playground).
5. Here's a cave. (Climb under a piece of equipment).
6. We have to go through a swamp. Don't let the alligators get you! (Crawl through a tire swing or tube).

Use your imagination and join in playing with your child. Make your own adventures using the equipment, trees, and other natural objects on the playground.

Hide a stuffed animal or box of animal crackers to surprise your child at the end of the adventure walk!