About PA Pre-K Counts

About the PA Pre-K Counts Program

What is PA Pre-K Counts?
Pennsylvania Pre-K Counts is a state funded program for three and four year old children at risk of school failure. The program is administered by the Pennsylvania Department of Education and managed locally by the Pottstown School District. The PEAK Pre-K Counts Partnership receives funding to serve 123 children in a free full-day instructional program.

Who is Eligible for PA Pre-K Counts?
The priorities for enrollment in PA Pre-K Counts are:

  • Resident of Pottstown School District
  • Family income at or below 250% of the federal poverty level. For a family of four, this is approximately $55,875.

The child must be three or four years old by the first day of school for Pottstown School District, a Pottstown School District resident and meet the above criteria.

Where are the Classes Located?
The PEAK PA Pre-K Counts classes are located at six community partner programs.

How Do I Register My Child?
Call one of the PEAK Pre-K Counts sites and arrange for a visit to the program. The site will have registration forms and other information on the program. You may be asked to verify that your child meets one of the priority categories.

When do the Classes Start?
The classes follow the Pottstown School District calendar. Check with the site during the summer concerning the first day of school. PA Pre-K Counts classes are in session for 180 days during the school year and are 6.5 hours each day.

How Much does it Cost?
For the 6.5 hour PA Pre-K Counts instructional day, there are no charges to families. If a family needs extended care on either side of the 6.5 hour PA Pre-K Counts day, the site will determine those costs.

What is the Family Obligation?
Regular attendance is a requirement of PA Pre-K Counts. A child enrolled in PA Pre-K Counts is expected to attend each school day, arrive on time and stay for the full instructional day.

What about Family Involvement?
Family engagement is a critical part of a child's success in school whether the child is in Pre-K or in high school. Families are encouraged to be involved in their child's class by visiting regularly, serving as a "guest reader", volunteering to assist with special class projects, accompanying their child on field trips or there are many other ways to support the child's education.